Strengthening Families by Protecting Children and Senior Citizens

Before I was elected to the Nevada Legislature, I volunteered my time working to strengthen Nevada’s laws on domestic violence, serving as a member of the Nevada Council for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

As a legislator, I have continued to fight for policies to protect families, the elderly and vulnerable children.This past session, I was a primary sponsor of legislation to strengthen protections for missing and runaway children, increasing the penalties for child prostitution, and establishing a Safe-to-Tell program for anonymous reporting of threats or dangerous situations in our schools.

For our seniors, I also sponsored legislation for the licensure of professional guardians, private businesses appointed by the court to provide financial assistance to impaired adults. Because of the lack of previous oversight, there were many horror stories of the elderly and disabled being taken advantage of and losing thousands of dollars to unscrupulous guardians.

Over the interim before the next session, I am working with others to monitor to the effectiveness of this law and to determine what other steps we need to take to protect vulnerable senior citizens.

Safeguarding Our Community

As a firefighter/paramedic, I have spent my career working to keep our community safe, to provide help and comfort to people experiencing life-changing emergencies and tragedies.  In the legislature, I have used this experience to work on policies to improve public safety in our state.

This past session, I sponsored legislation strengthening our laws protecting children from being solicited for prostitution and I have done extensive work as a legislator and a citizen volunteer on domestic violence prevention.  I have also sponsored legislation to help protect our senior citizens from financial fraud.We must continue to do more to make our neighborhoods safer, to ensure schools and public buildings have plans in place for responding to emergencies and to protect our most vulnerable-our children and elderly.

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