While I am proud of the steps we took this past session to increase funding and make improvements to our schools, there is much more to be done.


Accomplishments: We expanded full-day kindergarten into all schools, and provided funding for early education and programs to help students struggling to succeed in school. We provided schools and teachers new resources to help them improve classroom instruction. We gave our school district the ability to begin to build new schools to reduce overcrowding.

Moving forward: We must do more to recruit—and keep—the highest quality teachers, reduce class size and provide education opportunities to help prepare every student for the new jobs we are bringing to Northern Nevada.

Higher Education

Accomplishments: We increased funding for education by 12.78%. We also created and funded the Silver State Opportunity Grant to provide scholarships to make college more affordable, and created and funded the Nevada Teach Scholarship program to help fund the education of prospective teachers.

Moving forward: Our priorities must be to continue to find ways to make college more affordable for all Nevada families and to strengthen our community colleges and apprenticeship programs to provide additional opportunities for job training.

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